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Pokerstars satellite qualifiers can win big at tournaments

Pokerstars satellite qualifiers can win big at tournaments

Edited by John Stokes

Pokerstars satellite qualifiers give players the chance to win seats at some of the best and most prestigious poker tournaments in the world. They are a fun and simple way to earn your place amongst the action without having to even leave the comfort of your own home.

Winners of these qualifiers on the Pokerstars website can enjoy massive winnings and victories at events, as Chinese player Rui Chen proved recently. Chen claimed the 2012 Macau Poker Cup Championship, fighting off stiff competition from a field of 270 other players and walking away with a massive total of HKD $1,108,500 in prize winnings.

Chen owes his victory to a Pokerstars qualifier competition, which rewarded his talent on the online platform and gave him a chance to battle against the odds for real. The websites qualifier earned him his seat at the HKD $20,000 buy-in event, and costed him just $1,100 after he won the live satellite at Pokerstars Macau. After the 37 year old defeated the competitions runner up, Japanese Yosuke Sekiya, he saw his investment repaid 1,000 fold proving that Pokerstars takes players closer to the action and helps them to win big.

Chen, who works as a businessman when he is not enjoying poker in his spare time, was not the only Chinese player who succeeded at the Pokerstars Macau events this year. Earlier in 2012, Nicky Jin and Celina Lin both earned themselves titles at the Red Dragon main events. Through an interpreter, Chen explained why he believes the Chinese are continuing to out perform other nations, saying "The past few years have seen a huge development for poker in China." He added, "Poker is suited for the Chinese because we are particularly good at mind games."

Live satellites for a whole variety of tournaments are available through Pokerstars, and if you are looking to recreate the success of Rui Chen without having to dig deep for the buy-ins then keep checking back to the http://www.Pokerstars.com/poker/tournaments/ website for regular updates.

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