20 Toronto Hot-Spots For Summerlicious

Dining out can get expensive pretty quickly, and if you live in a big city, it's even worse.

According to Statistics Canada households in Ontario spent more than $2,200 on dinners out in 2013. And it makes sense. At a typical restaurant, you can expect to spend $4 to $8 for a starter, $12 to $25 for an entrée and another $9 to $13 for dessert — not to mention the cost of any drinks you might order. Toss in a celebrity chef and a five star rating and suddenly that average cost more than doubles.

But fortunately, twice a year Torontonians get a chance to dine at some of the best restaurants at reduced rates. Summerlicious will kick off on July 3 as restaurants across the city whip up three-course meals with prices that range between $18 to $28 for lunch and $25 to $45 for dinner.

With prices this low, it's the perfect excuse to make a reservation at those posh restaurants you only visit on special occasions. In the slideshow below we listed our picks for the 20 Toronto hot spots that'll help you make the most of Summerlicious 2015.