XCheaters.com: Operating A Scam, We Uncover The Fraud

The Internet is occupied by a wide range of sites. These sites include those that are beneficial to the people at large, and also those that can only criticize the good work done by others. Datingbusters.com is one such site that is dubious and makes us question its true ‘agenda’.

The site claims to work as an eye opener for those who are duped by fake dating sites. It provides a list of dating sites, including the very popular sites like Tinder and Xcheaters, which are apparently full of fake profiles. It reviews these sites and claims that they are not genuine.

However, many users of these so-called ‘fake’ dating sites have commented on Datingbusters.com that they were able to meet genuine people with the help of these sites. They have stated how Xcheaters helped them to meet interesting people as advertised. Datingbusters.com dismissed these people as fake and liars, as one of the commenters used a Bangladesh based IP address.

It is hard to imagine how the IP address of a commenter proves that he is a liar or a fraud. Also, Datingbusters.com only lists two dating sites as ‘genuine’. Most people have never even heard of these sites. Thus, we have to ask the admin is on the payrolls of these ‘genuine’ dating sites. Besides, the admin fails to provide any contact information apart from a generic email address.

A self-proclaimed social crusader who hides behind a generic email address is dubious. Why would he need to hide his identity? Is he just trying to blackmail dating sites into paying him money or advertise on his site? Why does he have to hide his actual email address or other contact details?

We can only hope that people will also ask the same questions and force the admin at Datingbusters.com to expose his true motive.