Reviews Asking For a Second Date

Even adults often feel awkward about dating. First there’s the problem of actually meeting someone you’d like to date, having a friendly chat and deciding if you’d like to take this further. Asking for the first date is a breathless moment – will she or won’t she?

However, supposing you’ve taken the plunge and you’ve enjoyed the lady’s company, how do you know if she enjoyed herself too? Maybe she was just being polite. Maybe you made some faux pas later in the evening and now you’re not sure if she still likes you. Perhaps you’re not too sure if it was a good date yourself – first dates are awkward. You know it might go better next time, but will there be a next time? Make sure there is one by following these tips from

First up: Don’t leave it for a phone call or text message. Ask for the second date at the end of the first one and ask in person. It’s much more difficult to refuse a request from someone who is physically present than it is to say ‘No’ over the phone.

Don’t ask a question. Asking a question gives the lady two options ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. So how do you ask someone for a date without actually asking? Try this: tell her you’d like to see her again. Say it with confidence. Even if the first date wasn’t fantastic, she’ll be flattered and more likely to agree to the second date.

Now, make a suggestion. Don’t phrase it as question. Instead of saying ‘Will you…’ say ‘Let’s…’ and have a backup plan just in case she’s out of town on the day you’re suggesting or can’t make it because she’s got some event on. Being assertive is important. Chances are, she’s feeling as uncertain as you are, but if you take charge, it becomes much easier to simply follow your lead.

Looking and sounding confident and coming right out with the next date idea means you’ve got an excellent chance of getting that second date and after that, the third is easy too.