Three Pickup Lines Will Make Her Smile

You see a girl you’d like to get to know. Chances are, she isn’t going to approach you and just start a conversation. Walking over to her and saying ‘Hi’ is a good start, but where do you take it from there? That’s where the pickup line comes in. It mustn’t be creepy, it mustn’t make her feel uncomfortable – you need to be able to make her smile.

Here are some fun and creative pickup lines that can give you an idea of the sort of thing that had in mind when they gave men this valuable piece of advice. Use them as they are, or use them as a way to think up some ideas of your own.

‘Your name is the same as my mother’s!’

This one is almost certain to get that smile. Here’s how you play it. Walk over. Ask her what her name is. Exclaim that she shares your mother’s name, and kiss her hand. Of course, the natural reaction for her is to ask if it’s really true and chances are it isn’t. At this point, you give her a disarming grin, admit the untruth and say you enjoyed kissing her hand. From there on, the conversation should flow nicely. If she decides to take offence, she’s a bit of a spoil-sport and hasn’t got much of a sense of humour. Be glad it didn’t work.

‘You need another drink!’

On the face of it, it doesn’t seem particularly creative, but there’s a way it can be – really funny and rather creative. You’ll need a bit of guts for this one, but give it a try and see what happens. You see the girl in a bar. You stroll over, grab her drink, down it in one gulp and while she’s still trying to work out what the hell just happened and why, you give her the line and buy her another drink. This time, she’s drinking with you and she’s probably laughing. If she takes offence, she’s probably high maintenance. Yes, it’s a cheeky pickup, but most ladies like ‘cheeky’.

‘I think this is yours…’

Maybe you’re a bit shy. Maybe you don’t want to risk getting kicked out of the pub or called a liar. Here’s a pickup line for the timid. Choose a small bill from your wallet, say a dollar. Write your name clearly on the bill and make sure your telephone number is there too. Unobtrusively drop the bill near the lady in question, then pick it up and deliver the line. Hand the bill to her face up so that she can see the name and number. Now leave. If it worked and she thinks you’re cute, you’ll probably be getting a call or a text really soon, if she doesn’t, you just lost a small bill. No harm done.

If you aren’t bold enough for any of these moves, go to a dating site where ladies are waiting to be ‘picked up’ Xcheaters and Flirthookup are good places to start.