Summer Sex Tips

This being an extremely hot season, it can get hotter when you get to the action that sometimes you can feel like passing out. With a few cooler foreplay tips you can make love without overheating.

A frosty lick to a guy will definitely put him in the mood. Before giving the outer edge of a guy’s ear a lick put some ice in your mouth. This part of the ear is considered an erotic pleasure zone. This will work like magic in making him want to tear your clothes apart says a sexologist in Los Angeles, Ava Cadell, ph.D and also the founder of an online program on relationships called Love logy University.

Another tip by Cadell is performing a naughty taste test with your guy. This is by feeding your guy with a set of sorbet flavors while you have blindfolded him and make him take a guess on the flavors and if he gets them right give him a reward of manual stimulation. If he doesn’t get the answer right just tease him by taping him on the butt.

“According to results of research done recently, in the female sensory cortex of the brain, the toes are positioned subsequently or next to the clitoris” says Cadell. With this in mind you can ask him to perform a sensual foot rub on you with ice water. Physical sensation in your toes will be heightened by the sudden change in temperature and as a result of this, signals will be sent to the body creating an arousal and the end result will be an orgasm.

Cadell says that the fourth tip is freezing your toys. He says a frozen Pipedream Product Icecles No.8 Glass Massager paired with a cooling lube, like Wet Synergy Plus Cool Tingle Water Based Lubricant or even a spine tingling combo will work the magic.