Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum: Patient Care Sacrificed - Part 4

In the ancient world, doctors were regarded as manifestation of God on earth. We surely do not want our doctors to be God-like but we do expect them to provide us with proper care and treatment, when we are unwell. However, not all doctors provide proper care to their patients. If we go by reviews posted on, RateMDs’, Dr Tenenbaum seems like one such doctor.

A patient tells us how the doctor did not do anything constructive apart from ordering tests.

“This is the worse doctor that I have ever met. He has an uncaring attitude. Aside from ordering tests as any doctor can, he didn't provide any constructive support.”

Another patient complains that the doctor is rude.

“Rude man, impolite team as well as affectionate attitude.”

Surprisingly, other patients have also mentioned in the reviews that the doctor is very rude and uncaring.

 Apart from his bedside manner and uncaring attitude, another serious allegation against Dr. Tenenbaum is that the medicine he prescribes often worsens the condition of his patients or lead to other health problems. A patient claims that the medicine prescribed to him caused chronic hypertension.

“Medication that Dr. Tenenbaum prescribed caused chronic hypertension. Dr. Tenenbaum does not seem to be conscientious when it comes to patient recovery. He is also rude.”

Another patient also mentions suffering from chronic hypertension as a result of the medicine prescribed.

“Dr. Tenenbaum's meds caused chronic hypertension. He does not take the time to give proper treatment like other doctors.”

Overall, the reviews do not provide us with a positive picture of Dr. Tenenbaum's attitude towards his patients.