Why People Depend On Final Needs Plans

The death of a loved one can be an accident or can follow after a lengthy illness, but no matter how it happens, those left behind are rarely emotionally prepared. The same can be said about their finances. When funeral expenses can exceed $10, 000, people are rarely prepared to cover the cost of a funeral. The grieving process shouldn’t be exacerbated by any undue stress or expense.  That’s why you should enact a final needs plan before you pass on.

A final needs plan will minimize the stressyour family experiences after your death. The money that you set aside for your plan can’t be taken away in taxes or used to cover the bills at your nursing home. A final needs plan grows tax-free in an account that’s untouchable until your death. As the years go by, with each new contribution, you’ll have enough money to cover the cost of your funeral. The plan will leave no expense uncovered, so you family never has to worry about how they will collect the funds to pay for your costly funeral.

Virtually every income level can be accommodated when you set up a final needs plan, as you can start at contributions as low as $5 a month. Final needs plans never require medical examinations, so you’ll be accepted regardless of your health. This can come as a great relief to those who suffer from life-long illnesses and have dealt with stingy life insurance companies. In comparison, a final needs plan is simple to start. It can be initiated at any time, taking into consideration your preferences for your service and monument.

The creation a final needs plan also ensures that an executor is assigned to your case, responsible for filing all of the necessary documentation of your death. Rather than leaving this task to a family member, who may or may no know what needs to be done, an experienced professional will fill out and submit the forms that the government and financial institutions require upon your death.

To select the best final needs plan available, see which company can offer the services and programs that meet your needs. The best programs have your needs in mind and will offer you free confidential advice, allotting you a personal account executive. The Elephas Group will work side-by-side with you, creating a plan that works within your budget and preferences. Their personal account executive assigned to your profile will be available whenever you have questions regarding your plan.

Your death need not be a financial burden to your children or loved ones. With a final needs plan, you guarantee the funds for your funeral are readily available, leaving your family to grieve in peace.