How To Win On The Roads During Pan Am Games

(NC) This summer, those who work and live in the Southwestern Ontario may experience more than usual traffic congestion during the Pan Am Games. Don't despair, 4 simple steps can help you win your own environmental medal.

Plan your commute: Summertime can make roads busy and unpredictable – and the Pan Am Games will bring a higher volume of traffic congestion for many. Plan your commute around popular games or avoiding your daily commute by working from home.

Commute with environmental leadership: Similar to athletes who dream of reaching the podium, fifteen years ago Toyota dreamt of and introduced the Prius, a cleaner and more efficient mobility solution. To this day, hybrid technology is still one of the most effective available powertrains reducing emissions by as much as 30% compared to similar vehicles with a conventional powertrain.

Lighten your load: With BBQs, camping trips and outdoor sports planned for the summer, it's hard to find time to unload equipment from your car after a busy weekend. But carving out a few minutes to keep your car clean can lighten the load and help reduce gas consumption.

Reduce your carbon footprint and carpool: Whether it's errands or one of the Pan Am events, make the most of your car drive by helping reduce the number of cars on the road while spending additional time with friends, family and coworkers.

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