UFO Crowdfunding Campaign Kicks-Off: Make a Donation

From ancient times, the human being has always wondered about what is up there in the sky. Is there anyone living in one of those shiny spots called “stars” or “planets”? Sometimes, the answer seems to be: “definitely, yes”.

From cigar-shaped to saucer-like, Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been witnessed by different civilisations throughout history. How can we explain that 1,500 year-old Anasazi engraving which shows tall figures wearing suits and helmets? What about those enlarged objects with humanoid figures inside that appear in a Kosovar painting from 1350?

More recently, even some governments have started investing large amounts of money to investigate UFO sightings in their countries, and public in general have become more and more interested in this matter.

Considering the importance of the issue, at Agoracosmopolitan.com we have decided to analyse different testimonies of UFO sightings around the world, so as to give you the most up-to-date information about this phenomenon. However, in order to cover the operative costs of this research, we have come to you to ask for your generous contribution, which will make possible this project to go on.

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Help support our efforts to explore alleged alien contacts with Earthbound humans

Look up at the sky. When was the last time you did that? Take a long, hard look on a clear night. Take in the darkness. Take in the depth. Take in the mystery. Let your mind wander and imagine what’s up there. For years now, people have been looking up at that same sky and seeing things. Everybody knows this. Everybody has heard the term UFO. Still, there is very little hard evidence one way or the other. What are those people seeing? What can we learn from them? The more we are willing to look, the more we are likely to see and in turn to learn.

At AgoraCosmopolitan.com, we have made it our mission to study the UFO phenomenon. It is our hope that in doing so we can discern some knowledge with regards to alien life and then some knowledge with regards to human life: our origins, our present condition, and perhaps even our future. There is something more up there in the sky, something other than darkness and depth and mystery. There are answers. We intend to find those answers, and we will not stop looking until we do.

Right now, we have come to you, Kickstarter, for help raising $500. This startup capital will cover the costs of launching and marketing our efforts, bringing us to the forefront of UFO research. Your contributions will go a long way toward bringing the skies ever closer to our eyes and its mysteries ever closer to our minds.

Help support our efforts to spread further public awareness about UFO and to explore human origins in relation to reported alien activities.

Thank you.

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