Book Self-Publishing Course Online Free Until January 18th

As increasing numbers of authors both famous and as yet unknown turn towards self-publishing as a better option than conventional publishing houses, the demand for information on self-publishing has grown considerably. Now are offering a free online course via Skype to provide first-time self-publishing writers an opportunity to get all the information they need in order to make their self-published books a success.


Why Skype?


According to an AgoraPublishing spokesman, the course will be offered on Skype in order to allow for interactivity that would not be possible via any other remote medium. Delegates will be able to attend the course from the comfort of their own homes – and still be able to ask any questions they may have on the spot.


Why ‘Free’?


Agora Publishing seeks to help new authors to become acquainted with the art of book self-publishing. While it would have been easier and less time consuming to simply make a video or prepare an emailed course, the people behind AgoraPublishing feel that real-time ‘face time’ with published authors will be far more valuable to aspiring authors than any other information format.


The founder of AgoraPublishing, who has successfully published several of his own books, has chosen to enrich the writing community with a completely free information session. As a writer who himself struggled through his early years as a self-published author, he understands the many challenges and pitfalls that confront writers who choose this route.


Offering the benefit of this experience to aspiring authors is one of his personal ambitions, and as a result, all delegates can register for and attend the course without making any commitment, financial or otherwise.


A roadmap that leads you to your first publication


Successfully publishing your own book presents a set of challenges over and above those required to be a good writer. AgoraPublishing’s course will guide you through the process you will have to follow in order to publish and sell your work successfully.


After all, you will need to reach your potential readers and present them with a professional-looking book that compares well with anything the big publishing houses have to offer. Publishing is easy enough – becoming a success can be a little more challenging!


Printing is only the beginning


Although holding a beautifully bound hard copy of your own book in your hands may make you feel as if you have ‘arrived’, it’s only the first step on your journey. Find out what it takes to get your book the attention it deserves, and discover AgoraPublishing’s full-service package that covers all the steps you would otherwise have to take yourself. After all, if you wanted to be a marketing manager, you wouldn’t have become an author!


Join AgoraPublishing’s free course. You have until the 20th of January to do so. It’s an opportunity that no author should miss, and it promises to be informative, entertaining and fully interactive from start to finish. If you choose to take things a step further, you’ll even find a publisher that doesn’t try to be your ‘boss’ and that doesn’t take most of the money your book will generate!  You can also register for a 30 minute Book Self-Publishing Tutorial after 18 January 2015 at a cost of only $75.00. can also advise you on your book manuscript for a fee of $US 250.00.  To register, "click" here -