Book Self-Publishing: Independent Writers Get Distribution Support

As an independent writer there are a lot of obstacles that you will face in your quest to self publish your books. High on the list of obstacles facing writers is the problem of acquiring the best distribution support. There are however agencies whose main task is to see to it that a writer gets his or her books well distributed without much hassling and happens to be one of the very best in such an area of book marketing. has been in the business of providing high quality distribution support for writers. It is a distribution agency that has been set up to offer writers with a better and more affordable way of getting their books distributed. With proper distribution, a writer is assured of being able to get the maximum copies of his or her book sold.

Getting a trustworthy agency to distribute your book is a very tall order for most writers as there are a lot of phony agencies out there. As a writer seeking to get distribution support for your book, it is very essential that you get it from since it is the only place where you are assured of not getting duped. The main aim of towards getting distribution support for writers is to ensure that the particular book attains mass marketability. All the necessary marketing analysis and distribution techniques are taken care of by

When it comes to fees associated with the book distribution services that are provided by, a writer is expected to pay an application fee of only $300. This is also a one-time payment and makes sure that a writer gets his or her money back if the book is unable to meet the required mass marketability standards. This means that at, it is always a win-win situation for you the writer since you get your application fee of $300 back if the required number of books is not distributed. also has the best systems in place which makes it possible for a writer to have more copies of his or her book sold within a very short period of time.

In an era where there are many ways through which a book can be marketed and distributed but only those strategies that makes use of the latest marketing trends can guarantee success for a book writer. These are the very strategies that are used by in a bid to help new writers get distribution support for their new book.

Not a lot of book distributing agencies can boast of providing new writers with the money-back system that has in place to help safeguard the careers of such new writers. This is what makes a pacesetter in the area of mass marketability for any given book at a particular point in time.

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This is the time for you as an independent writer to get a lot of copies of your book sold at an affordable price.