Book Self-Publishing: Top 5 Reasons Authors Can Get Boost from YouTube

Authors, even established authors, simply aren’t making enough use of the electronic media at their disposal for marketing books. has identified this marketing gap and has begun to offer a service that allows authors to reach their audience with a professionally conducted YouTube interview. But why should you be interested? We investigate the top 5 reasons why this approach is the new way to become a famous author overnight.

  1. Share and share alike

If your interview is interesting, insightful or amusing, it could end up going viral. And you wouldn’t be the first to find fame through YouTube. Music star Justin Bieber started his career here. If one person sees your interview and likes it enough to share it with friends, and they like it just as much and share it with others, you have a free route to exponential publicity.

  1. The news media won’t be interested unless…

Usually, the news media won’t be interested in your book unless you’re a famous author. But YouTube can make you famous, and then they’ll be beating a path to your door. Your professional YouTube interview could turn into the vehicle that takes you on a journey towards fame and fortune!

  1. It sure beats the blurb and will do you the favour of publishing a ‘blurb’ about your book, but an in-person interview is so much more immediate and personal. Viewers will be able to make a personal connection with you and your book much more easily if your interview is published on YouTube. Unknown author? Not anymore! Your interview makes you a known quantity!
  1. Use it to boost your own marketing efforts

You’ve been savvy enough to use your social media pages to market your new book, but once again, images, especially moving images, are way more interesting than text for the average, hurried Facebook user. Once again, you get an opportunity to extend your reach through ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ that don’t cost you a cent.

  1. It’s a heck of a lot better odds than playing the lotto

A journalist recently compared the chances of winning the lotto to your chances of being hit by a meteorite, and found that a meteor strike was way more likely. But your YouTube video can lead you to fame, and you get to ‘doctor’ the odds by giving it all the publicity you can. If it catches on, you’ve set your feet neatly on the path to authorship fame.

Interested? You should be!

Compliment your marketing effort and boost your social media engagement with a professionally filmed, face-to-face interview. makes it happen. Get in touch with them and discover the power of YouTube for authors.