Self-Publishing: Top Ten Advantages to Get Website for Your New Book

As book self-publishing keeps on becoming a very effective and efficient way through which an author gets his or her book out into the market as fast as possible, it has also become increasingly essential for such authors to also get a website for the book.

In this era of technological advancements, the use of the internet has taking precedence over the traditional way of getting information. Those days of having to wait for days without end just to get your book out are all over as the internet makes it all very easy and simple to go with self-publishing your own book.

As an author, your book needs a lot of things if it is ever going to attain the maximum popularity and patronage that it deserves. However, aside those that have to do with typesetting, layout designing and copy editing, the other very important thing is getting a website. The dawn of the ‘internet era’ has made websites the hottest cakes on the market these days. When you give your new book a website, you avail yourself to a whole new world of advantages as compared to other traditional means of getting your book on the market. Below are the top ten advantages to get a website for your new book;

1.       It is cost effective: A website makes it very easy for you as an author to get your work out on the market without having to pay so much which is the very case when you decide to go with the traditional publishing houses.

2.       It builds your audience: Giving your book a website will help your get a lot of people to know about it since majority of the world now relies heavily on the internet for most of their information.

3.       It improves our competence: Getting a website for your book also provides you with the chance to get people commenting on it and such comments go a long way in helping you to become a better writer.

4.       It exposes your work to the world: When people get the chance to read your book online, you indirectly maximise the demand for it in print. The moment publishing agencies detect that you have a large audience they are willing to go with your terms in order to become part of your work.

5.       It exposes you to the global market: With a website for your book, you are assured of getting people from all over the world interested in your book.

6.       It gives you control: Having a site for your book also ensures that all sales come directly into your pocket and not any traditional printing house.

7.       Unlimited shelf life for your book: Unlike the traditional printing houses where a book has a limited duration to be on the shelf, books that are published online can stay there for as long as the author wishes and never be worried about having it taking off.

8.       Search engine optimisation (SEO): A website for your book also ensures that it is placed on most of the popular search engines on the internet thereby helping to get it out from the closet and making it public. This means that provided your book is in its right genre, book buyers will find it very easy to locate through the use of search engines like Google.

9.       Exposure to professional critiquing: When you give your book a website, there is an increased possibility that you get to have your work critiqued by some of the best and professional authors out there. This is something that does not happen frequently with traditional publishing houses.

10.   Print on demand basis: When your book is placed online, you only print copies that are demanded by prospective buyers. This helps in eliminating the incidence of having you’re a large number of your book left without suitable buyers.

This are just ten of the many advantages that you stand to gain as an author when you give your book a website.

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