A Bay Street MBA Opens Many Doors

Bay street, located in the heart of Toronto’s bustling financial district is second only to New York’s Wall street in terms of the many job opportunities the strip offers North American businesspeople; it is also the biggest major centre for Finance in Canada. According to the Financial Post, employment in the area has even risen 25% over the last ten years. Its history dates back to the late 19th century where some of the country’s first banking entities established their headquarters; now Canada’s five major banks, Toronto Dominion, CIBC, Scotiabank, BMO and Royal Bank are the district’s most recognizable and esteemed entities. It is the top place for people working and immersed in the sector to put down career roots.

The corporations running the strip are also constantly on the search for strong emerging talent to join their influential teams. Many of these companies will even employ students currently enrolled in top MBA programs in Toronto before they even complete their degrees — and some will even pay for current employees to study if they believe they have long-term leadership potential. Those interested in pursuing an MBA can even do so part-time downtown through the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics. They house a respected part-time program at their satellite campus located within the Sun Life Financial Building. This makes networking simple in one of the world’s six largest corporate centres.


Furthermore, students won’t have to leave their current positions of employment as the program is designed to accommodate the schedules of full-time professionals; classes take place on alternating weekends, with Sundays off to complete assignments and manage other commitments. Candidates will also enjoy the choice of specializing their degrees in either finance, accounting, operations management, strategic management, human resources management, marketing, international business, entrepreneurship and supply chain management. They may also add CFA and CMA designations to their MBA degrees.


Because the program is flexible, candidates can complete their degrees in as little as 2.3 years or can choose to extend study for up to 5 years, achieving this prestigious designation however is most convenient. There’s also no requirement to study through the summer as students are awarded the months of July and August off guaranteed. All that’s required for admission is a four-year Bachelor’s with a minimum B standing, a score of 550 on the GMAT, three professional references, two years of working experience, and evidence supporting English-language proficiency.


There’s never been a better time to aspire in finance and in the world of business or aim sights high for a lucrative and exciting career on Bay street. Furthermore, it’s never been simpler to acquire the right credentials to reach sought-after positions in the financial sector. Part-time MBA programs are enabling emerging talent to fast-track their careers without asking them to leave their jobs, putting them years ahead of their competition. An MBA opens many doors, but an MBA on Bay street lets candidates keep many more of their current doors open, with fewer sacrifices and much more to gain.

Mathieu Blake

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