Magic: The Gathering is Popular Again

Magic: The Gathering is a card game developed in 1993 by Richard Garfield, and it was the very first trading card game that, until 2018, gathered more than 35 million players over the world. First, we played it only with printed cards, but now it's on all digital devices with the development of PCs to game on. The game is for two or more players face to face or on a PC. There are even professional Magic players and also organized Magic tournament system, and the cards are released regularly. Interestingly, some of these cards cost just a couple of cents, but others, more valuable (depending on their utility and rarity), can cost up to several thousand dollars.

Magic: The Gathering is a game where players are engaged in a battle, and their role is as powerful wizards called Planeswalkers. Each player has a total of 20 lives at the beginning, and the game is over when they lose them all.

Some critics say this game is an expensive one to get involved in in the long run. On a higher level, it is undoubtedly true because of the mentioned expenses of some cards. However, if you are a beginner and eager to try Magic, there is no better time than now to start with it.

It was interesting to follow how most of the physical card industry and their manufacturers shifted towards online business. This change inherently pushed other card games that said true to its form, like Magic The Gathering, while other big players like online casinos also profited on it. Their offering of the live roulette Canada games got much more significant in the last few years, making users and their bottom line more satisfied.

Magic: The Gathering: Arena

This place is an online arena which is the best route to start your Magic journey. Here you can learn the rules and some simple tricks and find out if you like the game or not. Next, choose Friday Night Magic drafts where you can start to build your deck of cards – this is the place where people who collect 40 -card decks compete against one another. Don't expect to win at the very beginning, but what you earn here is a valuable experience. After this, go to the Challenger deck because this is where you can expand your knowledge and learn more.

Trading with Cards

You are probably wondering now if it is a clever decision to invest in Magic cards. Well, be prepared for two major things: 1. Card price fluctuation; 2. Reprints. Oh, yeah, the prices of the cards for the Magic change a lot. Some cards are always attractive, and their price constantly rises. However, there is a big pile of those which 'might' grow, and this is guesswork. It may be a good investment if you pay, let's say 200 dollars, for one card and let it sit in a drawer for a couple of years – after this period, you MIGHT earn something. And now reprints – every card is open for reprinting in this game except those on the so-called 'Reserve List.' These are the cards that makers of Magic pledged never to reprint, so their value will always rise.

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