How to Stock your fridge in style

(NC) It is said that the inside of a fridge says a lot about a person. Do you have just a few condiments and a past-due carton of milk? You're probably time-strapped and don't like to cook. Is your fridge packed full with lots of variety? You're likely cooking for a family every day.

Now that the weather is warm, social gatherings like backyard barbecues and patio-lounging are on the rise. Here are some quick tips to ensure that the food for your get-togethers is stored properly and looks great for guests:

Meat and dairy products: Heat rises, even in your cold storage. Keep items like fresh meat, milk and yogurt near the bottom and at the back of the fridge, which is bound to stay the coldest. Bonus tip: Soft cheeses like Brie as well as butter are meant to stay soft and can be kept in the dairy compartment on the door.

Ready to eat: Foods like leftovers and on-the-go snacks should be kept near the front and at eye-level so they are easy to grab and go.

Beverages: Especially when hosting, beverages should be well-stocked in an easy-to-find location. To keep refreshments handy and to prevent guests from rooting through your fridge, an eye-catching advancement is the new Door-in-Door refrigerator from LG. It features a door within the main door of the fridge so that all your favourites can be kept front and centre.

Fruits and vegetables: When unpacking groceries it's easy to throw all of your produce into the same drawer. But for optimal freshness, fruits and vegetables should be kept separately. Veggies prefer a bit of humidity, while fruit needs low humidity and should be relegated to the drawer marked “crisper.”